Guest Post: Singin’ River comes to OTBX

The good folks at OTBX hosted another brewery meet and greet last…

The good folks at OTBX hosted another brewery meet and greet last Thursday.

Singin’ River Brewing Company was the featured brewery and I was looking forward to meeting founder Rob Jones to let him know how much I enjoy Handy’s Gold, a really fine Blonde Ale.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Little League baseball commanded my calendar that evening. I caught up with Rob over the phone and wasn’t shocked to learn he had once been a home brewer.

Discovering craft beer in Tennessee when he was in college, Rob quickly realized he had been drinking inferior beer and wanted to re-create the good craft beers he was enjoying. He bought his first home brewing system and operated it in his apartment.

Several years later, while living in Colorado, his love for craft beer grew even more, and his wife Michelle, (girlfriend at the time) began to develop a taste, slowly turning her back on more traditional libations. They spent a lot of time touring local breweries and developing their knowledge of craft beer. Rob and Michelle found their way back to Alabama and established Singin’ River in Florence.

Longtime brew master, George Grandinetti joined them and the first batch was made on February 14, 2014 and distribution began that April.

Along with the Handy’s Gold, Singin’ River produces an IPA and a Porter. Seasonal beers include a Doppel Maibock, Irish Red Ale, and Ivy Green Imperial Pilsner. One other, that is only available in Florence, is the Cornbread Saison.

Collaboration with local Chef Ryan Matthews it can be found at the Marriott Shoals Hotel or Singin’ River’s taproom. Although Rob was headed back to Florence by the time I arrived at OTBX Thursday night, I was able to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, taste a few new beers and spend a little time with a couple of other Dads I know who had also scored kitchen passes.

It’s hard to imagine a better place to drink, taste and more importantly, learn about beer. Not too crowded, not too noisy, knowledgeable staff behind the bar, and a killer mix-tape playing in the background. Jerry Garcia Band, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Cliff, and Johnny Cash…

Singin’ River left a few kegs behind. Handy’s Gold, Doppel Maibock, Singin’ IPA and the Ivy Green Imperial Pilsner will be available while supplies last. Word has it that the Imperial Pilsner is really good, so get it while the getting’s good.

Remember, drink responsibly. Life’s just too damn short.

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