Yellowhammer Meet & Greet

Yellowhammer was the featured brewery at last week’s meet and greet. Officially,…

Yellowhammer was the featured brewery at last week’s meet and greet. Officially, the meet and greet starts around 5:30, but I met a friend 4:30. We wanted to beat the crowd, but there was already a smattering of people in the place and by 5:00 the place was packed. We were joined by a few other folks and soon we had a full table.

Folks continued to come in. Many had no idea there was an event, they were just filling their growlers, or shopping the beer and wine selection. Others were out for an afternoon walk, and curiously poked their heads in the door to see what was going on.

The conversation at our table wandered around the usual topics. Kids, home projects, summer plans. Soon we were discussing beers and what we liked about each. A few of us liked the more traditional stuff, while others had more exotic pallets. I heard once that there are over 90,000 beers in the world.

Every glass at our table had a different beer in it, and I mean really different: Color, taste, region, size of the glass it was served in.

While the Yellowhammer guys were tapping their kegs, I had a Handy’s Gold, from Singin’ River. My friend drank a Haystack IPA from Old Shed Brewing Company, which was a little hoppy for my taste. I want to embrace the hops but that’s going to take time. Old Shed is in Tullahoma, Tennessee for anyone taking notes.

Bill came around with a tray of cupcakes. Everyone at my table reached for one, and since my wife wasn’t there, I had a cupcake too.

A loud whistle brought the din of the bar down a notch, and Bill introduced the Yellowhammer team. Ethan Couch, General Manager, and an old Huntsville boy, told us about the featured beers.

A barrel aged dark amber, currently only available at OTBX, a Tripel and their Hop Revival IPA. That morning they had purchased some fresh grapefruit and limes from local a grocer, Garden Cove Produce, and the juices were added when beer was poured. Ethan explained this process to me and the best way

I can describe it is to think of the keg, then the think of the tap. Somewhere between the keg and the tap magic happens, and fresh fruit flavors are imparted on the beer. Pretty nifty.

I am a sucker for any bourbon barrel beer, and that’s what I had. It was really good. Founded in 2010 in the Rocket City, Yellowhammer beers can be found in many local restaurants and grocery stores throughout the state. You’ll need to keep an eye on the end of Clinton Street where Stone Middle School once stood. There are some cool things happening down that way.

Remember, drink responsibly. Life’s just too damn short.

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  1. David, I am the head brewer at Yellowhammer and one of the owners as well. Thank you for your kind words. We are very impressed with OTBX and want to do as many of these events as possible. Cheers!

  2. Keith we were really excited to have you guys over to OTBX, putting local craftsmen like you behind our bar so you can tell about your craft is why we started the business. We want to provide a platform for you and the other Makers to connect with the public about what you do and why you do it. Great job at the event, it was a big hit. Let’s definitely do that again.