The Beginning of the End of the Shaker Pint?

Somewhere around January of this year, my finger tenuously hovered over the…

Somewhere around January of this year, my finger tenuously hovered over the little green button on my iPhone. When I pushed it, I’d be dialing Decoprint in Chattanooga. They print glassware for bars and restaurants. I was about to initiate an order for 200+ glasses known in the biz as the “shaker pint”.

You know the shaker pint because 99% of the time it’s what you’re holding when you drink your beer from a glass.

The thing is it’s not actually a beer glass. I knew this when I ordered them. In fact, every beer aficionado knows this too, but because these glasses are cheap, stack and store easily… they’re everywhere. We sort of ignore that fact.

Hey, beer is great. Beer from the proper vessel is cool, but most easy-going beer nerds will admit that the beer is more important than the trappings that surround it, so we just kind of look the other way.

Heck, I routinely drink very expensive beer from plastic purple cups. Such is life.

But our conscious has caught up with us and we’ve decided to do something about it. Starting immediately, Old Town Beer Exchange will begin to phase out the shaker pint as our go-to 16oz beer serving vessel in favor of the more appropriate tulip glass. (You’ll notice we already serve 10oz pours out of tulips)

Yes, you’ll still see the shaker pint in our place and you will likely still be poured a pint in these glasses from time-to-time, but our standard will shift to the tulip.

Lots of serious beer establishments have already made this switch and it’s time we did too.

Speaking of which, three big cheers to J Clyde in Birmingham for helping push us over the edge on this decision. They wrote an excellent piece on their reasoning behind abandoning the shaker pint and we couldn’t say it better ourselves, so check that out here.

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