Saying yes to non-profits

If you run a business or you’re among leadership of a company,…

If you run a business or you’re among leadership of a company, you’re certainly familiar with the continual deluge of requests for donations from the non-profit community. There are loads of worthy organizations whose job is to seek you out, meet with you and talk you into giving.

Many businesses look at this as a major challenge. Who gets your attention and who gets shown the door? How can you say yes to one and not another when they’re all helping an important cause? On top of that, in many cases in a small city like Huntsville, these great organizations are represented by someone you know very well, which makes the decisions that much tougher.

“It’s a tax deduction”, they say. “We’re counting on you”, they say. It’s the softest of hard sells.

As of this writing we’ve been in business for a short 3 months and we’ve already hosted or sponsored three non-profit events – with many more on the schedule. Our current strategy is to say yes to all of them. That’s right, we have yet to turn away any non-profit seeking our help.

From pro-bono legal help to childhood cancer, homeless mission work and health clinics for kids.  We’ve already helped a lot of people. We’re trending toward devoting our time and efforts to an average of one non-profit per month. Already we’ve helped raise about $7,000 for two efforts without trying all that hard. That doesn’t seem like a lot of money now, but we’re only getting started.

As I mentioned, we’ve said yes to everyone who’s asked for help. Why? Couldn’t we have a greater impact for a handful of projects instead of doing a little for a lot of them? Probably, but then we’d have to turn someone away – a lot of someones actually.

I think most of the value of hosting non-profit events and helping how we can isn’t just about the money. We have a visible, active brand in the community, so there’s great importance for these organizations to partner with us so that more people are aware of the effort. It’s nice to raise some cash for in-school health clinics, but isn’t is more important to expose that need to 10,000 more people in and around Huntsville?

Sure it is.

That’s why we’re so eager to help. We can raise a little money but raise a LOT of awareness. One is a temporary boost, the other is much longer lasting. Yes, maybe by promoting everyone we’ll water down the overall message we’re trying to send. That’s certainly a risk. But for now we’re trying to be true to our convictions and sticking with the plan. It’s subject to change of course. Everything is.

So, here’s the call out to you. Know of a worthy non-profit that could use some help? We’d love to hear about it and do what we can, however we can.

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  1. Hey yeah! Love the part you guys are playing in Huntsville. Let’s talk about Cornerstone Initiative. Ben

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