Drink what you like

Guess what. All beer is pretty good. It’s true and you might…

Guess what. All beer is pretty good. It’s true and you might not like this fact, but that doesn’t make it any less so. Your “bad” or “good” doesn’t really matter to anyone that doesn’t have your particular taste buds.

Case in point: My wife, who is a pretty smart girl and is exposed to many of the world’s greatest brews, still prefers an ice cold low-calorie domestic. Does that hurt my feelings on some level? Maybe, but I would be the last person to chastise her for drinking what she thinks tastes good.

To you beer snobs out there, you have to understand that my wife isn’t a criminal. Would I prefer that she drink something less mass-produced? Of course. But the fact remains that her taste buds can never be wrong. I mean, they’re hers and by definition cannot be incorrect. That is, no more incorrect than you are for preferring McDonalds french fries over sauteed brussels sprouts.

So yes, the staff at OTBX and the people that frequent there might look strangely at you for coming in and ordering a Bud Light (which we don’t carry by the way), but this won’t make you any less of a human in our eyes. Actually, what it makes you is completely human. Drink what you like, period. Rock on.

Now, if you do walk in and order a Bud Light, we’ll probably suggest any number of selections from the tap or shelves to steer you to something more… aesthetically pleasing to us personally, but that doesn’t mean you should stop drinking what you like. See, Bud Light is good – if only because YOU think it’s good. That’s all that matters.

Heck, who doesn’t prefer a good old $3 hot dog over a $50 steak in the appropriate setting? I happen to like the occasional Corona with my TexMex. When in Rome, after all.

Point is, beer snobs can be among the most annoying and judgmental jerks on the planet. We’ve come to realize this and seek to help put an end to it. Again, drink what you like. Just remember to swim in other parts of the ocean. Don’t limit yourself in either direction, so to speak.

Mass-produced beer isn’t a crime no more than mass-produced ANYTHING is a crime. We just happen to believe that crafted beers are better, but you’ll still find plenty of what could be considered mass-produced brews on our shelves – “micro” doesn’t really mean what it used to as you know.

So, cheers to you and my beautiful bride. Lift that InBev product to the sky proudly. Enjoy it!

Just come to OTBX and learn about the alternatives. Expand your senses!

See you soon.