OTBX Profiles, Meet Sierra Aldridge

A few weeks ago we started sitting down with the people of OTBX…

A few weeks ago we started sitting down with the people of OTBX to see who they really are, behind all that glitz and glamor. 😐 Last time we sat down with Justin and got to know him a little better so this week we decided to talk to Sierra; we are going for that whole boy-girl thing. Next time we can interview another guy but after that we are in trouble! Sierra is the only girl working regularly at OTBX at the moment!

So, she’s awesome, and friendly and very knowledgeable about all things beer. Seriously, ask her a question! Come in a meet Sierra and ask her for one of those sours she’s come to like and see if she’ll play some Aerosmith for you.

Q Hometown?

A Ashe County High school in Creston, North Carolina

Q How Long have you been at OTBX?

A Three months-ish.

Q Favorite style of beer

A I’m a sucker for a dark and malty beer, but have found a new love for Sours recently.

Q Favorite band or song:

A Aerosmith. All the way. Song, Dream On.

Q What was your first car?

A Black 1989 Ford Escort GT with faded racing stripes.

Q What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A I’m a Tom Boy at heart. I grew up with remote control cars, skateboards, 4 wheelers and playing in the river.

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