OTBX Profiles, Meet Chase Shelton

To be perfectly honest about it, the owners of OTBX decided to…

To be perfectly honest about it, the owners of OTBX decided to start the business largely because of Chase. They saw a good business opportunity in building a place where Chase could just be himself, so that’s what they did. Chase is not new to the area, he’s been a DJ, a musician, a bartender, a concert promoter (etc. etc.) for The Bottle, Cotton Row, Below the Radar and pretty much everywhere you want to go in Huntsville. Now he’s celebrating Southern Culture and Craft Beer at OTBX pretty much every day. Life is good if you’re Chase. Thanks for everything you do Beer Jesus.

Q Hometown?

A Huntsville, AL .. bday is yesterday! 10-19-1982

Q How Long have you been at OTBX?

A I guess you could say that I’m employee #1. So, since the start of time.

Q Favorite style of beer

A I’m all over the board with this one. I drink certain beers with certain moods or environments. I’d probably say that a Double IPA is my absolute favorite, though.

Q Favorite band or song:

A Muse! These guys are one of the most talented and biggest sounding three piece bands that I’ve every heard. I love how they cross over multiple genres and everything is amazing. I can listen to every album start to finish and never skip a track.

Q What was your first car?

A Hunter Green 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Q What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A Ha… this is easy. Most people have no idea or actually believe that I was a cheerleader in college and actually got a scholarship for it. I cheered at UAB for both Football and Basketball and moved on to become a UCA instructor during the summers that I was in school.

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