Matt Fowler

OTBX Profiles, Meet Matt Fowler

So Matt is one of the four initial investors in OTBX and…

So Matt is one of the four initial investors in OTBX and the oldest, so you would think he would know better. Matt tells people he decided to help open OTBX after 20 years selling software to Realtors just so he could buy them wine wholesale!  He and his brother, OTBX co-founder Bill Fowler have been in every lobby bar in North America while working at Solid Earth where Matt is still CEO and actively involved in that business.

He takes a little time away from Solid Earth to be managing partner at OTBX, helping Chase and his team navigate the new business. And, while a discount on wine is nice, the real reason to open OTBX was to create a place they wanted to hang out to the new Downtown. Matt and Bill’s father and grandfather both had businesses on Holmes Avenue, just one block west of OTBX. So really this is not a new thing for the Fowler’s, they are just back after a short break and now in the wine and beer business.

Q Hometown?

A Huntsville, AL. So was my Dad, in 1925. His dad was born about 45 miles NW of here as was his father. The Fowler’s have been in this immediate area since the early 1800’s so we’re about as Huntsville as you can be.

Q How Long have you been at OTBX?

A The whole time 🙂 We talked about it for about two years before we found the right spot for it. We’re really happy we landed where we did.

Q Favorite style of beer

A Like Chase I am all over the board. I am not a huge IPA fan but I love Snake Handler. I am also the designed wine guy and I love pretty much all wines. The sweet ones have to be paired with something savory but I like those too. My favorites are fine red blends from France and California, Douro’s and Ports from Portugal and big spicy malbecs from where ever.

Q Favorite band or song:

A That’s super hard. Classic AOR in general but I’ll have to go with Led Zepplin as my favorite band, and I’ll pick The Song Remains the Same as my favorite album (can’t pick a song). But I listen to so much variety Zepplin is probably 1/20 on my playlists. I love the energy and storytelling in Texas Roadhouse music like Robert Earle Keene and Steve Earle and that genre. Some of the new folk-rock bands are great too, Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, Black Rebel Motorcycle, etc.  Love all that. And I love to go to see Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb at the Ryman at Christmas. That’s my favorite Christmas album and I’m one of those Christ-people so look out for that. (Yes, I know I own a wine/beer store. Personally, I don’t see the conflict. Read John 2:1-11)

Q What was your first car?

A A yellow 1967 TR-6 Convertable I bought by raising calves for my Dad. It was awesome.

Q What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A Hmm. Probably that I won State in Pole Vaulting in 1983. Well, I was on a three-man relay team that won state. Two of the guys were really good. I only had to clear a fairly low height to win and I managed not to screw that up.  I jumped to pole vaulting from cross country because they had to run too far. Pole vaulters only run 90 feet!