Wine & Beer 4 Staycation

UPDATE: How you can help!

So OTBX has been closed for a few days but we are working to get a few things going to generate some $$ to support our people. Hopefully, a combination of these things will be enough to keep going on a reduced schedule until this blows over.

Here are some things we have in the works:

Virtual Happy Hour featuring Bill Fowler and some of his friends from Uprising – We will be tasting some beer and wine and hopefully raising a little money for local performers who are really suffering right now. Plus we are really tired of the other stuff we’ve been doing and we’d rather hang out and drink beer with Bill.

Crowlers to Go! Call ahead and order anything on the 32-tap list in a 32oz can to go. see otbxhsv.com/beer for the current menu. If you do it before the event with Bill, you can try some of the same beers Jon Owen Cohen Brown will be talking about.

Hand Selected Wine by the Case featuring wines picked from the 13,148 available through our various distributors. Call ahead or message us here to reserve a case of:

Summer Whites – Summer is almost here, stock the garage fridge with light, not sweet, wines for the warmer weather. Vinho Verde, Provence Rosé, and other favorites will complement your backyard vacation nicely. 12btl case $200

Best of California Reds – California is known for huge Cabs and fine Pinot Noir. Get a mix of our favorites at a price that matches Publix but has been tasted and selected by your friends at OTBX. 12btl case $230

Assorted California – a mix of CA’s best varietals, half red/half white. 12btl case $220

Alternative Reds – We love all kinds of wine, from all over the world. For this package, we’ve combined some of our favorites from Southern Europe into a value-packed tour of the Med. including wines like Tempranillo, Nero D’Avola and Cannonau from Sardinia, where the locals credit their win for their unusually long lives, so take that flu. 12btl case $220

Revenue will go straight towards making payroll for as long as we can so please call or message us! We’ll meet you at the store, or curbside, or whatever you need. To order just fill out this form with your email and we’ll contact you. You can also buy a Gift Card at this link.