OTBX Flight Plan, #1

When you come in OTBX, we have two big screens right over the taps showing our 32 choices. It’s a lot. People sometimes stand there for a minute or three looking over everything and trying to decide. Usually in that moment of indecision the tender of the bar will ask:

“What’s your favorite style?”

Then the nice staff will ask you where you are from, put together some choices for you, local first, into a flight of four, four (4) ounce pours that match what you might have liked before.

We asked General Manager Jon Owen for his choices today.

“When the weather gets warmer, I always crave a good sour. Sour beer is a complex category encompassing many styles.

In this flight, we’ll start with a more basic, classic style – the Dry-Hopped Gose by Ghost Train. Being a Gose, you can taste hints of salt, lemon, and coriander – but what stands out the most for this one is the hoppy, piney flavor that comes from the dry-hopping process.

Next is the Steigl Grapefruit Radler. This one technically isn’t a sour, as a Radler is simply beer + fruity soda or lemonade, but in this flight, it serves as a mildly tart palette cleanser. This crisp, light, low ABV beer is great for anytime, but most refreshing on a hot summer day.

Following the Radler we have the Blood Orange Berliner Weisse from Goat Island. This is a sweeter, thicker style with a wheat backbone, making it irresistibly drinkable. Typically, Berliner Weisses are flavored with fruit syrups to balance their tartness.

Finally, we have the Shotgun Sour by Abomination. This American Wild Ale is quite complex with its flavor profile. The juiciness is overflowing with tart flavors of peach, black currant, and apricot, but what really brings it together is the lactose, giving it a creamy finish.

Jon Owen

So all four of these are available while supplies last for curbside. zero contact pickup in 32oz cans. Just comment here or send us a message on Facebook or call the store.