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New Season at Old Town

Picture of Jon Owen, New Manager
Written by Matt Fowler

This summer, Old Town Beer Exchange will mark our 5th Anniversary. Over the years, the little place has evolved in many ways and continues along that path in 2020. Beer is amazing, obviously, but most people come to OTBX for the people; to meet people, to have a meeting with people or to hang out with the regular crowd and the staff. Since 2015, so many cool people have come through OTBX it’s fun to look back: 

  • Chase Shelton opened the store as Manager, then moved on to manage The Poppy, a spot-on English Pub on The Square
  • Justin Wentz is brewing some fine sours and ales at the beautiful new Fractal Brewing Project on Lehman Ferry
  • Tim Holmes went off to be a caretaker for his family 
  • Ed Harris is working at Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery in Arizona
  • Sierra Aldridge moved to Savannah (and had an adorable mini-me with hubby Brian)
  • Sonia Lazaro moved over to 1892 Restaurant 
  • Casey Wags got her RN and went on to heal people
  • Rose Osborne followed her dreams and moved to Portland, Oregon
  • Brianna Owen is spending more time on her real job as a Personal Chef

Each person contributed to making OTBX the Best Craft Beer Bar in Alabama in 2017 and created one of the most fun and welcoming places downtown. We are so very very proud of everyone and their new pursuits. Plus, I am sure I forgot someone important. The large cast of part-timers has included: Colton, Lucky, Tucker, Nick, Maria, Cohen and Jon Owen. 

As a new page turns at OTBX, Courtney Nunnely, who came to us from Yellowhammer and Below the Radar, is moving on to pursue other opportunities. A new team will take charge of OTBX lead by new manager Jon Owen. Jon is a  longtime bartender at OTBX, working while he got his MBA. Now that he is about to graduate he is ready for a real-world business challenge. With the mix of hospitality options changing downtown every day, plus the enormous parking garage project blocking the entrance, Jon has certainly found a challenge! 

So, please welcome Jon and his new team. Watch our feeds for new: staff, beer specials, wine events, music unplugged, more Speaker Series nights, and some exciting remote events you will want to know about. Finally, the owners of OTBX want to thank everyone for your years of trust and friendship and we know you will love Jon and his new team.


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