OTBX Flight Plan, #3 – For chilly spring nights

Hanging out by the fire? It’s going to be in the 40’s and 50’s this weekend so you really need a nice Porter or Stout in that glass. This flight will take your tastebuds on a journey through the evolution of Stouts. Comment below and let us know what you want, we’ll make you a 32oz can to go.

First up is technically not a stout, but a Porter. As Stouts basically emerged as a kind of stronger porter, the S’mores Porter by Hi-Wire seems like a good place to start. This one is very moderate, all-around, for a darker beer. Compared with Stouts, you’ll find this Porter to be sweeter and easy-to-drink due to lower bitterness and ABV. Notes of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon give this beer a creamy coziness.

Next is the Left Hand’s Milk Stout. This one is a nitro, meaning infused with nitrogen, to give it a silky smooth mouthfeel. The taste is full, roasty, and sweet almost like drinking a mocha latte, but balanced with just enough bitterness and a mild 6% ABV.

To follow, we have a Coffee Stout from Lagunitas called Willettized. This one is quite boozy at a shocking 12% ABV and considerably more bitter than the last two. The taste is bursting with bourbon-infused coffee, accented by hints of chocolate and smoke.

Finally, we have the Farking w00tstout by Stone. An Imperial Stout that is an Annual collaboration between Stone’s Greg Koch, Wil Wheaton, and Drew Curtis an intense bourbon barrel 11.5% ABV balanced by sweet malts with notes of pecans, wheat, rye, and chocolate. Overall an incredibly complex and heavy beer with slight bitterness.