OTBX Flight Plan, #2

  • Sour – Last Life Second Self
  • Hazy – Desthil Deadhead Series: Extended Jam
  • West Coast – IPA Main Channel 
  • Double – Snake Handler Good People

Have you ever wondered about the differences in IPA styles? This flight will shed light on the nuances within one of the most popular beer styles. IPA typically indicates high bitterness, so you can expect at least a little bitter, hoppy flavor in all IPAs.

We’ll start this flight with a beer on the lighter bitterness-side and progress to ultra-hoppy! First up is a sour IPA called Last Life by Second Self. The hoppy flavor is certainly present in this beer’s aroma but in taste, the bitterness is low – partly from the dry-hopping process, and partly because this beer is married with a sour. The result is a refreshing balance of tart, hoppy, and juicy with hints of grapefruit.     

Next up is the Desthil Deadhead Series: Extended Jam. This is a New England style IPA, as you can tell from the hazy color it has due to being unfiltered. New England IPAs are known for being lower in bitterness, with intense fruity flavors and this one is no different. The flavor profile is quite complex, with notes of tropical fruits accented by oats and wheat. Overall delicious, balanced, and exploding with flavor.

The Main Channel IPA is next. This one is a classic West Coast IPA style, touting moderate bitterness and an overall balanced flavor. If you’re looking for a basic, crisp IPA without an overwhelmingly fruity flavor, look no further.

Finally, we have the insanely hoppy Snake Handler by Good People. This is a Double IPA, also known as Imperial IPA, with an intimidating 103 IBUs at 10% ABV. This is about as intense as IPAs get. If you can get past the initial bitterness, you’ll notice notes of pine, citrus, and malt if your tastebuds aren’t completely shot!