OTBX Flight Plan, #4 – The All Stars

Sour – ‘18 Plum Quatuor Mantra

Saison – Atalanta Orpheus

Porter – S’mores Porter Hi-Wire 

IPA – Snake Handler Good People

Jon has some new picks for us. Sometimes it’s nice to sample multiple different styles to better comprehend the vast differences in brewing. This flight contains favorites of four completely different styles. We’ll start with a Sour American Wild Ale to awaken the senses.

This ‘18 Plum Quatuor by Mantra is a critically acclaimed specialty beer aged in plum barrels for 9 months. High in ABV for a sour, at 9.5%, the flavor is slightly boozy with tart juiciness and a funky flare. Overall this beer is bright, unique, and delicious. Such a strong start warrants a more mild palate cleanser, so the Atalanta Saison by Orpheus is next.

An excellent transition from the first beer, Atalanta is a plum Saison, so you get that sweet, juicy plum taste without the funky sourness. Light and refreshing, we’re now ready to make the sharp transition to a Porter.

The S’mores Porter by Hi-Wire pairs nicely with the lingering taste of plums. This one is very moderate, all-around, for a darker beer, being on the sweeter side and easy-to-drink due to lower bitterness and ABV. Notes of chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon give this beer a creamy coziness – perfect to prepare us for shock to our tastebuds that is our next and final pick for this flight, the insanely hoppy Snake Handler by Good People.

Snake Handler is a Double IPA, also known as Imperial IPA, with an intimidating 103 IBUs at 10% ABV. This is about as intense as IPAs get. If you can get past the initial bitterness, you’ll notice notes of pine, citrus, and malt if your tastebuds aren’t completely shot!

Fill out the form below to let us know what you need. All beers are available in 32oz cans sealed onsite or in your clean growler.