Fractal Brewing Project: A Local Standout

Fractal Brewing Project – Huntsville, Alabama

Our mantra, the thing we repeat to ourselves to focus our thoughts and build intentionality into our work, is Southern – Craft – Culture. When we try a new beer, or cider, or kombucha, or choose merchandise, anything really, we first ask:

“Is this from a craftsman?”

That’s another way of saying “did the maker of this care enough to put some of themselves into the creation of this?” The way my Grandfather made stuff? The right way? That’s the only way he was going to be associated with any enterprise if it was done well enough to sign your name to it.

When we first heard about Fractal Brewing Project it did not have a name yet. It was just an idea some of our best beer friends were kicking around. Larry Lowe, BradleyRobo” Robinson, and Justin Wenz did “extensive research” hanging out with Justin at OTBX so we had an idea of what was coming. Larry has been building cool shit his whole career at GATR so we knew his reputation. We met Robo doing collaborations when he was at Below the Radar and we, of course, already knew and respected Justin’s product knowledge as curator of our taproom.

OTBX has been fortunate to do lots of collaborations with great brewers. One of our favorites was a sour we did with these guys. When Robo was at Below the Radar and Justin was at OTBX, they created the very popular Passion of the Dragon, a Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit sour that looked like a bright pink milkshake because of the “obscene amounts” of Dragon Fruit (according to Justin). We loved that one at OTBX so we were all excited when we heard these guys were doing Fractal. If their new beers were anything like our collaborations we knew we were in for a treat.

Fast forward a little and Fractal is now open on Leeman Ferry Road. It’s in the Spiritual Home of Craft Beer in Huntsville, the old Olde Town Brewery location. Don Alan Hankins opened it as the first new brewery in Huntsville since, I don’t know, the Taft Administration. DA has moved on and now owns and operates the amazing Stillwest Brewery and Grill in Jackson WY. Anyway. Larry totally renovated the place and added a killer new outside patio thing, perfect for Food Trucks and outside events. It’s got a cool performance space too where you can hear great local bands play in close proximity to the tap line so you won’t get thirsty.

So the place is nice, the people are great, the music is spot-on so what’s left? The thing that brought Larry, Robo and Justin together in the first place: the beer. These guys are making great beer. We won’t belabor the point so we’ll just highlight our current personal favorite.

Fractal Mango Guava Sour is a standout. Its fresh, fruity, just the right amount of sour and works great by itself or with food. It’s a treat to have in the summertime when it’s hot and a light alternative to most heavy crafts at 5.1% ABV. It’s available in crowlers at OTBX almost all the time since we try and keep it on. We highly recommend trying this one at our taproom or theirs.

Mango Guava Sour from Fractal Brewing Project

Watch your calendars for special events at OTBX with Fractal. We still love to do collaborations with them, and to feature their amazing creations whenever we can.

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