Wine-ding down to Election Day

There are very few days left before we select a President for only the 45th time as a country. OTBX has decided to plant our flag, officially, and make our first ever endorsement. After great thought and tremendous research into the merits of both candidates, we have decided that there is only one possible result.

“We will need wine. Maybe a lot of wine.”

Every voter in America

Can you imagine if your guy loses and find you are out of wine? That would be the 2020-est thing ever. At Old Town Beer Exchange, we are ready to help. While you were baking bread and learning Portuguese or whatever, we were tasting all the wines. We know you love wine. We know it’s hard to get by the wine store these days when the hours are weird and Downtown is all crazy with construction and limited parking. To make it easier on everyone, and to provide you with our staff’s hand-selected favorite wines, we have created this simple form.

If you would take a moment and fill this out, we will contact you and make sure we are getting what you like from our 13,000 choices.