Greene Street Market: Summertime down South

Greene Street Market

There is nothing better in the summertime than a Farmer’s Market. Everything from fresh sweet corn to free-range chicken can be found sitting on the old card tables and truckbeds. Church parking lots are popular. Anywhere 20 or 30 local farmers and craftspeople can find a good spot to show their wares.

The market in downtown Huntsville every Thursday evening from May to September is a great one. Bring your dog, your stroller, and your beverage and look through the booths. After that, walk down around the park to see the new construction and the goslings. There are sidewalk cafes, rooftop bars, and hidden art trails to entertain you after dinner. All of this is within the Quigley Arts and Entertainment District that encompasses almost all of downtown. Inside the district, it’s legal to walk around with beer or wine as long as it’s in a purple cup from a downtown taproom or restaurant, like OTBX! We have 32 beers and 8 wines by the glass, or cup. It’s a fun addition to your walk around town and the market.

It’s very close to OTBX. Here’s a map…

Walking to Greene Street Market