Garage (Band) Party featuring Lamont Landers Band and Milltowne

So the enormous parking garage just across the street from OTBX is finally done, mostly. There are now 400+ new spaces 30′ from the front door of Old Town so you will always have a place to park. The bottom floor is open most of the time and the gates for ticketing are not installed yet but the City is leaving them open so people can use them until they get installed. To celebrate, we are having a party with bands and beer and actual human contact! For more info here’s the Facebook event link: https://fb.me/e/vd4vRLAC

Saturday, August 14 in front of OTBX we will have music, vendors, beer, wine, crafts, and special guests starting around 1:00PM. Music will feature local favorites Milltown followed by the Lamont Landers Band.

And the amazing Lamont Landers Band!