Our name includes the word Wine x Taproom! While we are all crazy about craft beer, we love wine. We love everything about wine! We love wine people, and traveling to wine destinations and pairing wine with food and learning about new wines and winemakers. We also know several locals, some of whom live in the condo building above our store, who encouraged us to create a great wine program. They wanted us to be their wine cellar! How can you say no to that?!

Wines By the Glass

At OTBX we have a small crowd of enthusiastic friends who like to come in and try new beers and wines. To help people discover new varietals and makers, we decided to stretch our By-the-Glass choices. Now you can come in and try wines from all over the world and learn which ones suit your unique palette. Watch the Facebook page for updates or follow us on Twitter @otbxhsv. Below, please find our currently featured wines by the glass. The menu changes often but we will endeavor to keep this up to date. These and all wines are available by the bottle to take home or in a purple cup to go during Quigley Arts and Entertainment District hours.

Red Wines by The Glass:

  • Radio Boca – Tempranillo – 2017 – Spain $6.50
  • Z. Alexander Brown – Pinot Noir – 2016 – Tri-County California $7.50
  • Domaine La Loyane Cotes Du Rhone – 2016 – France $8.50
  • Durigutti – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2017 – France $9.50
  • 1000 Stories – Zinfandel – 2016 – California $7.50

White Wines by The Glass:

  • Fiddle Creek – Pinot Gris – 2018 – Willamette Valley $6.50
  • Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc – 2017 –
  • New Zealand $8.00 Cono Sur – Unoaked Chardonnay – 2017 – Chile $6.00
  • Decoy – Oaked Chardonnay – 2016 – Central Coast California $9.00
  • Domaine Sumeire – Provence Rose – 2016 – France $8.50

Sparkling Wine Splits:

  • Segura Vidas Brut Champagne  $7.00
  • Maschio Prosecco $6.00
  • Ruffino Prosecco $5.00
  • Ruffino Rose  $5.00

(Splits and ½ bottles are not included in our ½ off Monday Promo)